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We are excited to share health and fitness information with you
Keep watching the show here on line and on

KVMD every Saturday Morning at 6:30 am.

 We are very proud and excited to announce that "Fitness for Every Life" now has a place on IMDB (the world's formost information data base for entertainment.  Go check out the IMDB Page here

The show is being developed for the web and will have a web presence as part of the Cineplex entertainment family of programs.  The show is also scheduled to be released via local broadcast Television on Regional channel KVDM (channel 23).  KVMD serves the 5 counties surrounding Los Angeles and has a viewership base of approximately 15.8 million viewers (according to the 2000 Census results)

Click this link to watch Fitness for every Life on-line at Cineplex studios live stream pages

The principle audience for this programming is not the professional athlete but the person looking to find out a few simple concepts or actions they can apply in their life to help improve their health.  As the name of the program indicates, the show is aimed at providing helpful hints to every demographic in our society on simple things they can do to help improve their health of the health or those around them.

The program structure is not a standard exercise program it is designed to be more like an information / news program – in a talk show format.  The programs will be Co-hosted by Ms. Kammy Burnett and Mr. John King.  Both Kammy and John have experience on the health and fitness industry.  But it is important to note at this point that a majority of the
program's content will come from the varied guest and experts that will appear on the program. 


The program will focus on all aspects of health and fitness.  The program is structured into 3 principle areas of health and fitness:

  • General fitness, focusing on exercise (form, technique and frequency) as well as some aspect of medical health.
  • Nutritional information  is for  balances nutritional need and specific nutritional need of certain target groups  (women,  teens, Mature adults, ect)
  • Mind, Body and Spirit focuses on Metal Health.  This section helps provide insight about different ways to deal with the very stressful world we find ourselves dealing with daily.


Currently the program is scheduled to have a variety of episodes that will focus on a variety of different subjects.  Examples are specific episodes that will feature information for:

  • General overall health tips anyone can apply
  • Women's health
  • Teen health and  fitness
  • Pre-Teen (children)health and fitness
  • Diabetics
  • Weekend Warrior (home project episode)
  • Weekend Warrior (weekend athlete episode
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