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Our Co-Host John King

John  was born in Southeastern Virginia.   He was the 4th of 4 boys in his family.  He was also the least athletic of them all.  He played Pee Wee ledge football but not long after that he started doing odd jobs and working as much as he could after school.  John was a good student. Not a star student by any means but he worked hard and kept good grades.  By the time John was in his middle teens, he had grown into a bit of a hefty boy.  And this continued though out his life.  As a college student he took a general fitness course to get the credits he needed and did OK with that.

My Dad and I just before I moved to CA

Once out of school John became the classic workaholic getting little to no exercise and eating large lunches and ice cream most late nights for dinner.   During those years John's weight and waist continued to increase in a very unhealthy way.  Then after several years working for his 4th full time Employer "Gateway Computers" he was ultimately asked to move to Southern California in late 2006.  Once in California, John realized his size and shape made him stand out in not a good way.  So he stated looking for a local Gym where he could work out, lose some weight and get in the shape he had always dreamed of.  He came upon "Koloseum Gym" in Fullerton.  Little did he know this gym was known around the world as one of the best places for body builders and fitness athletes to come and learn from the owners  some of  the best ways to get in shape.  It was not long before John got to know and was able to learn from so many of the top athletes in the bodybuilding, health and fitness industry. 


In the years that followed, John came to a point where it was suggested that he compete in some local body building and fitness contests.  John did this and placed in the top 2 or 3 several times.  All of this ultimately lead to John being approached about doing some acting.  Before he knew it he was working on the set of major motions pictures and TV shows.  The latest natural progression in John's life lead him here.  As the co-host and producer of "Fitness for every Life", John is getting to marry up several of his greatest joys in life:
  • His love of fitness and healthy living
  • His joy of working in the media industry.
  • His interest in helping others by sharing the great information the show has about health and fitness

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